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The pursuit of literature and drama has consistently piqued my curiosity; hence, when presented with the opportunity to portray a role on stage in 2017, I jumped at the chance and gave it my all. I have never taken a day off from theater or cinema since then. When I am involved in this field, I feel a sense of fulfillment and purpose. I view story-telling as an endeavor to convey the truth, and while I believe that the truth cannot be conveyed in its entirety, through the medium of art, we may reach its halo.

I will do my best to bring my artwork closer to this halo than I did before...


As an Actor:

  • Scissors 2018 a play dir Milad Taleghani
  • Hôtel des deux mondes Written by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt 2019 a play dir Kave Kakaie
  • Dace of Butterflies 2020 a street performance dir Muhammad Mokhtari
  • Abortion 2021 a short film dir M. Taleghani
  • N0. 9 a short film 2021 dir K. Kakaie
  • Touch 2023 a short film dir M. Taleghani

As an Actors Director:

  • Boxes 2020 an English speaking play

As a Director:


  • BA in English Language and Literature, 2017-2021 Isfahan University

  • MBA in Business Management, Marketing and Related Support Services, 2022-2024 Tehran University


Instinct (2023) A Short Experimental Film


A woman strolls through nature, embraces trees, and enjoys stunning views. She dances around a large tree, then suddenly falls into darkness, wakes up in a completely different setting, and wonders if she was dreaming or if this is her dream.

My intention during the making of the short film was to create an atmosphere that would allow audiences to passively join in and experience whatever the character is doing. The purpose was to mesmerize the audience and, if possible, to hypnotize them. After watching my short film, I am certain that the audience will question its purpose and will evaluate it based on its bipolar theme.


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